• Thorough report- We’ll provide you a report with all the information you need to start refining your digital strategy once your research is finished.
  • Brand-new ideas- We want to help you find completely original ideas for your own website from our research so you may outperform your rivals and improve.
  • A handwritten report- Normally, our handwritten assessment is about 25 pages long with criticism that is specifically customised to your website.
  • No-nonsense feedback- We are innately prone to being straightforward! We prefer to express our opinions clearly than to cloak them in poetic jargon.

Plan ahead- In the end, strategy evaluations are made to assist you in making plans for the coming year

  • Marketing data diagnostic- After learning about your current procedures and technological setup, we will conduct a diagnostic to evaluate your maturity level in relation to a number of crucial areas.
  • Report and recommendations- We will deliver a comprehensive report that outlines your existing predicament and offers suggestions for implementing a “privacy-first” data approach.
  • Technical audit- This concentrates on your site’s speed, functionality, technical SEO, and website architecture.
  • Analytics audit- This entails evaluating the technical tracking and performance monitoring setup.
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