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Zefer Luxury & Hospitality Digital Brands Consultants provide prodigious marketing solutions to premium and luxury brands. We are currently focused on digital marketing for our clients which include strategy developmentsocial media marketing, search engine optimisationemail broadcasting, rich media/content planning and mobile/tablet marketing, search engine marketing & social media optimisation.

What We Do

Zefer is a team of professionals experienced in Luxury & Hospitality Online Strategy & Digital Marketing Services. Our mission is to be the leading provider of marketing solutions.

We strive to provide establishments with a single touch point to enable them to create a positive experience on their digital marketing platforms in order to support the increase in footfalls and sale conversions. We focus on what is most important – clients community, rather than what is most popular. The aim is to strike a balance between tool-obsessed marketing and analytics. We are always on the lookout for the up-and-coming social trends to best cater to your requirements.

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Digital Marketing Services for Luxury & Hospitality Brands is a way for people to interact in an online environment through conversations, commentary, and a plethora of user-generated engagement interactions.

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Campaign planning and content creation

Constant real-time engagement

Monitoring and Reporting


Keyword Research, Selection and Targeting

Technical Optimisation

Content Optimisation

Profile building

Social Media Integration


Database Management

Tactical Campaigns

Marketing Automation

Dynamic Content Delivery



Email Marketing

Real-time Advertising

Responsive Web Design

Mobile Search

SMS/Push Notifications

Location-based Services



The Customer Journey

Current Activity / Performance

The Competitive Landscape

Market Segmentation

Demand Analysis

Digital Objectives

Implementation Plan



Paid Search


Online/Banner Advertising

Social Media Advertising


Date: 2017-02-27

Client: Hotel Social Media Growth in Mumbai & Advantages of Social Media

Skills: Market Study & Analysis

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Client: Social Media

Skills: Do It Yourself Tips and Tricks

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Market Study & Analysis

Market Study & Analysis

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Our Team

Zahid Esmail

Founder & CEO

    A digital marketing professional, with a background in hotel management. Remarkable research skills coupled with a stubborn curiosity ensure that no problem is too big for a solution to be found. Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking enable designs to be unique and personalised to the needs of an individual person, hotel or brand.

    Aalia Manghnani

    Head of Digital Strategy

      When she's not covering everything she eats with tabasco, Aalia can usually be found at sporting events or exploring undiscovered parts of Europe and South East Asia. She's only trackable via Instagram, but when she's home her routine includes sheepishly clicking 'yes' to Netflix's relentless 'Are you there?' pop-up between episodes of Billions or Narcos.
      In the office, Aalia enjoys helping brands tell their stories and creating high-performing and research-driven content strategies. As a natural people-person (and the first to ask what everyone’s weekend plans are), she plays an essential role in the communication between a client and the Zefer team.

      Zeenia Dordy

      Brand Manager

        An accomplished and driven media professional with over 8 years’ experience in stakeholder relations, brand management, corporate communications and event management. Skilled in dealing with a wide range of individuals including corporate brand managers, artists, production personnel and untimely Uber drivers. Equipped with excellent interpersonal, analytical, decision making and managerial skills. Weekends for her entail fantasizing about her next 'Beach Adventure' while binge watching Netflix.

        Sohrab Karl Karanjia

        Brand Manager

          As our Marketing all-rounder, Sohrab is a tech-savvy expert and natural born storyteller. A postgraduate of the prestigious Xavier’s college, Sohrab’s work ethic is built on a foundation of creativity, determination and a positive, playful attitude.
          An ideal professional, he is quite possibly the only member of Zefer to have ever tucked his shirt involuntarily.
          On a typical weekend, you can find him cheering on his beloved Liverpool, waltzing up a storm, or levelling up on PUBg.

          Vivek Nair

          SEO Analyst

            A integral part of the team, Vivek has a BSc in Information Technology, experience as a functional business analyst, and is known for diving deep into keyword research to understand how brands and customers can interact online. Equipped with a number of digital tools in his SEO arsenal, he has the ability to consistently develop alongside the constantly changing digital world.
            While he’s not enjoying playing snooker and cricket on the weekend, Vivek's maximising traffic to your site and making sure your website caters to all stages of the visitor’s journey.

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