Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Optimisation for Luxury & Hospitality Brands is not just a mechanism to connect with your peers and folks online anymore. It’s more of a mode to market your brand or grab onto some clear and real-time propaganda about any congregation across the globe. 2.1 billion people in the world indulge in the usage of at least one social media platform.


Various social media platforms are available at your fingertips that are approach specific and target oriented which when used efficiently, can indefinitely add value to your brand. It helps the brands connect with their customers on a personal level as well as an active customer-to-customer ally, which only encourages an organic and loyal following.


Almost 50% of the twitter users haven’t tweeted even once which suggests that they only use it to follow their favourite brands and know about the happenings in the world. Food and drink is the most popular category on Pinterest with approximately 57% of the users interacting with pins related to the same. 70 million photographs are uploaded on Instagram every single day, which by the way, is on an exponential rise and Instagram adoption among top brands, stand at 85%. Google plus plays a crucial role in getting your brand at a better rank on search pages. 77% of B2C companies have acquired customers through their Facebook presence alone. We could go on about these jaw-dropping stats but the point is – Social media is the most cost efficient road to a relatively brisk global reach.


At Zefer, we have a tried-and-true plan to help your brand reach its maximum potential hare-footed. And we have a scrupulous 5-step method to do so:


  • Analysis – We carefully study and draft your current social media market position so as to map our way to your desired goals and expectations. Not on social media yet? That’s even better as it gives us complete freedom to sketch out your brand’s digital presence.

  • Strategising – Planning is the most important part of any mission and we do it with all our heart and brain, of course. A premium plan to excel your expectations, keeping the budget in mind is on our list.

  • Campaign planning and content creation – Conceptualising an engagement breeding content to form a firm and steadfast community because genuine and fresh content is the key to organic growth.

  • Constant real-time engagement – Legitimate responding to your audience as well as interacting with them in a manner to only understand their requirements and help you better in providing them with the same. Promoting C2C bonding to achieve genuine and returning customers.

  • Monitoring and Reporting – Measuring the rise and fall in the performance of our content to make sure the graph only goes up. Reporting the key metrics to provide you with the transparency of your performance and provide customer insight.