• Automation– We attempt to automate as many of our procedures as we can. This guarantees that any modifications are made appropriately and promptly.
  • Campaign planning– To anticipate forthcoming changes to the ad scene and facilitate effective planning, we continuously review the network and source third-party data.
  • Staircase model– We’re able to target messaging to particular client categories by using a number of audience lists with both positive and negative targeting.
  • Cross-channel targeting– We generate a wide range of audience lists and utilise them for a variety of ad campaigns while taking into account a user’s journey to the site.
  • Multi-use Network– We leverage networks to achieve a variety of goals, including lead generation, quality traffic, and brand exposure.
  • Mixed-media Testing– We continuously test a variety of possibilities, evaluating each type’s effectiveness and combining the lessons learned.
  • Programmatic ad delivery– This makes it possible for us to manage campaigns effectively and automates procedures like real-time bidding and targeting.

Data Is the Base

Every decision we make is based on reliable data, therefore we make every effort to collect as much of it as we can from important sources like ad platforms and a client’s CRM. Every modification we make to an ecommerce account is based on statistics about how well the product is performing; this strategy eliminates irrational campaign alterations and emotional decision-making.

Multi-touch attribution reporting also enables us to fully comprehend the value that campaigns generate and the impact they have on clients’ conversion processes.

  • Expand- We’ll delve deeper into the quantity of information offered on each product detail page since Amazon evaluates the quality of organic listings by taking a look at the number of related pages seen from a listing.
  • Target– We guarantee efficient ad management and targeting through sponsored and display advertisements for specific products.

comprehensive digital services– We make ensuring that campaigns are integrated across many channels and that messaging, targeting, and content delivery are all consistent.

Partner sourcing- We thoroughly evaluate a list of potential partners for our clients, weighing costs, target market, and campaign goals.

2- Objective Led- We make sure that all decisions about ad placement are based on our core objectives when focusing our adverts.

3-Multiple Network- Our utilisation of different ad distribution platforms grants us access to a sizable inventory of specialised industries.

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