Mobile Marketing

Through information delivered to smartphones and tablets, Mobile Marketing and Optimisation creates a hype on a brand’s promotional activities. Personalised information which is time and location sensitive which inculcates various calls to action to desktop-based campaigns.

Mobile devices are used by a vast majority of customers for a real-time connection. Due to which this sort of marketing has a very high scope of conversion.

Zefer understands this and embodies the following ways to mobile marketing:

Email Marketing: The campaigns and updates broadcasted will be very often viewed on mobile devices. Timing, optimisation, the swift and simple conversion process will be the key to achieving maximum results.

Real-time Advertising: Build a walk-in business from users searching for services and information at that location and moment of time itself.

Responsive Web Design: To ensure that the website is completely optimised for mobile and tablet navigation and conversion.

Mobile Search: Maximum search visibility is an important goal we plan to put an ice on.

SMS Notifications: Keeping your customers personally posted about the ongoing and upcoming events and offers in your Establishments. Mobile messages have one of the highest conversion rates.

Location-based Services: Sending customised notifications and promotional offers to your cell phone subscribers based on their current location.

Push Notifications: Keeping your customers informed with your current advertisements, upcoming offers and events bring in new as well as retain customers.