Digital Marketing for Hotels

With the increasing demand and competition in the Hotel Industry. Hoteliers are cracking bricks and stones to keep their firms at the top. At Zefer, we assist you with a firm foundation and an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced which the local, national or international organisations in the hospitality business face.

Our digital marketing strategies are best suited for you to achieve and retain profit targets set by you. We pay serious attention to all aspects of the hospitality business, however broad or focused they might be. From packages to day guests, spa and gym memberships, corporate to wedding events. Our strategies are planned in detail with respect to your needs. As we understand that the tiny aspects matter in setting your hotel apart from your competition.

Working in partnership:

Independent Hotels: We work to successfully drive revenue and profit through direct bookings and sales as well as via the digital medium. Online bookings and marketing of various digital media platforms widen your reach globally. Helping you in building a cord between your clients and you at a personal level. This effortlessly resonates with your offline marketing.

Franchises: According to a study 60 % of today’s travellers are social savvy. Before visiting an actual place, they do their research on social media and the web to plan their stay accordingly. Zefer works around optimising your website and social media platforms. This effectively helps in increasing your presence to these avid social travellers. If they’ve heard of you before, through an offline source people tend to look for an active social presence online. This gives them a transparent idea of the services you are capable of providing them with. Good reviews and ratings are also a big deal in converting a potential client into an actual one.

Groups and Management Companies: Every hotel is different in their own way. We provide a customised digital plan to each of our clients, depending on their needs and fields of specialisation. At a group level, we provide a consistent digital strategy, which is quite crucial for the growth of the entire company, symmetrically.