Database & Email Marketing

Digital Database & Email Marketing for Luxury & Hospitality Brands. Data is the key to your lucrative Digital Marketing Strategy and all the digital platforms on a whole. Your search ranking, customer attraction and retention depend greatly on the type of data you send out. Email/Mobile Marketing is crucial to keep your potential as well as current customers updated with your offers and events.

Email/Mobile Marketing plays an essential role to keep your current as well as potential customers updated with your latest offerings and events. Which benefits you at reducing third-party reliance, ensuring better customer loyalty and lowering digital accusation costs.

Zefer’s Email Marketing services include

  • Database Management: Curation of a structured, segmented and well-maintained database of all the past, present and future customers for effective use.
  • Tactical Campaigns: Development of segment-targeted tactical campaigns to fill the gaps and enhance at key need times.
  • Marketing Automation: Scheduled and dynamic email content to guide your customers through the purchasing experience. Boosting loyal and positive post-visit reviews.
  • Dynamic Content Delivery: Sharing email content that is relevant to your customer’s online behaviour and preferences, improving engagement and encouraging shares.


The Zefer email-marketing programme is designed to support a joined-up digital marketing strategy.